Help 10+ children learn to CODE

We need sponsors for our kids coding classes. Would you or your business like to be the one to help a group of local children gain this vital skill? You will be helping children in your area gain valuable knowledge not being taught in schools.  Thank you.

You sponsor, we go in and teach. Classes are held weekly in schools and sponsored per term. We have schools waiting to take part and need help with the cost of these classes. We are looking to partner up with tech businesses so we can offer classes in more areas. 

Courses offer a learning opportunity in the top 10 programming languages using a blend of learning from Code Studio, Code Working, Monkey, Code Combat, Scratch and Tynker. Certificates are issued after the completion of each course. We get our kids up to high school coding level!

Here’s how we can involve your business (as much or as little as you want):


  • You can present the certificates when kids pass their courses (usually in assembly at school).

  • You will hear from each child you sponsor - they will formally thank you.

  • We can talk to the school about your business being thanked in the school newsletter.

  • We can include your logo on all literature for the classes.

Coming next year

ADOPT A CHILD is our big initiative in development. This is a targeted educational app to help selected children reach primary school at national standard, and facilitate and monitor their learning right through school.

Our children start at 2 years of age and the first 3 years of APP learning prepares them for year 1 of primary school. The app will stay with them and track their progress all the way through primary and intermediate school - and beyond.

Every day for over 10 years, our APP will teach them Maths, Spelling, Reading, Science, Coding, Computer Science, Financial Literacy, Health, Exercise, History and Culture. 

Individuals sponsor a Kiwi child and this provides a tablet, data for the internet, our special custom made learning APP and community monitoring of that child's learning. Sponsors receive updates, letters and photos of their child every quarter. 

This initiative will pilot in 2020 and is currently in development.