• Cam Swainson-Whaanga

Kiwi Dad attempts ocean crossing from Tongan mainland to raise money for local children

A kiwi dad holidaying in Tonga has decided to attempt an ocean crossing from the Tongan mainland to a popular tourist island called Pangai Motu. "I really wanted to help some of the local children with their school costs and thought swimming to that island might help raise some funds for them" kiwi dad, Cam Swainson-Whaanga comments.

Cam is the founder of a charity in his mothers name the "Jean Swainson Foundation" which was started to help children's education, especially targeting Maori and Pacific families.

He will attempt an ocean swim from the village of Patangata to the popular tourist destination of Pangai Motu at the end of January approx 29th or 30th January 2020.

"There are 10 local children ranging from Primary school up to High school that I would like to help in this village. Many families in Tonga struggle with costs associated with school, such as uniforms, stationary and petrol or transport to schools when buses are limited or don't service that village." Cam explains.

Cam has been staying in the village for 45 days and has got to see and experience the true Tongan village lifestyle.

"I am hoping at least 60 people will pledge to donate 10 cents per metre that I swim for this good cause. The distance to the island is 1.4km." Cam explains.

All donations are tax deductible and donors will receive a receipt for the kind donations.

"It's quite a last minute idea so donors can simply private message or comment on our Facebook pages or email me directly at if they wish to pledge their support" Cam confirms.

To find out more about the foundation please visit

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