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Organisation encouraging more women to play beach volleyball in the kingdom!

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Free event on Sat 25th January, learn Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is a popular sport overseas and has been part of the Olympics since 1996. Its popularity is slowly on the increase in the Kingdom of Tonga, predominantly amongst men.

The International Federation of Volleyball (FIVB) has placed a head coach in Tonga for 9 months to help with Volleyball and grow Beach Volleyball. Head Coach, Sifa Latu, on a 9 month placement on behalf of FIVB has partnered with the Tonga Volleyball Association and the Jean Swainson Foundation to create a free event to teach women, beach volleyball.

"We really wanted to encourage girls and ladies to participate in Beach Volleyball more, hence why we have created this womens only Beach Volleyball invitational day" says Beach Volleyball head coach, Sifa Latu.

The event will take place at Tonga’s only Beach Volleyball location, Popua/Patangata Park, on Saturday 25th Jan 2020, from 430pm to 7pm. All women from 17 to 30 years of age are eligible to come and learn, from any villages in Tonga.

At the end of the learning session, Sifa will choose at least 4 women who show the potential and have a hard working attitude to be part of 2 new teams being created. They will need to commit to 12 weeks of training, with three sessions per week.

“We know, women especially, have commitments at home and to the family and therefore hope a financial incentive will encourage them to attend all training sessions.” Says Cam Swainson-Whaanga, founder of the Jean Swainson Foundation.

The first 4 chosen women will have the opportunity to earn $10 per training session attended, that could be $30 per week for a few hours of commitment.

“Universities in the USA offer scholarships to promising sports players. Beach volleyball is also a well sort after sport and our long term goal is to train up and show case Tongan Beach volleyball players and hope for scholarships for some of them to play, live and learn in the USA." Sifa comments.

Details of the event

Title: JSF Beach Volleyball Invitational

Where: Popua/Patangata Park

When: 430pm Saturday 25th January 2020

Cost: FREE

How to register : Just turn up on the day

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